Tribal Tattoos

Best Places for Tribal Tattoos

When it comes to tribal tattoos, many people choose where to place the body art and then modify the design to suit the spot. While a tattoo may be placed anywhere on the body, there are certain spots that you will find tribal tattoos especially suited for. Here, we will take a look at some of the top locations for tribal body art.

Small tribal tattoos can go anywhere, but they look best on the stomach, shoulder, and calf. Small tribal tattoos usually take the form of a single symbol. Popular choices include suns, crosses, skulls, dragons, and animals. Small tattoos can also be placed on the small of the back or on the neck. These locations are especially good for selectively being discreet about your tattoo.

Perhaps the most popular part of the body for tribal tattoos is the arm. More specifically, the tattoo is placed around bicep where it forms a band around the muscle. Tribal armbands vary greatly in size and design. They can be as thin as half an inch or wide enough to cover nearly the entire upper arm. Tribal bands usually consist of geometric lines and curves done in black ink. However, colors and images can also be added to the band.

Arms and legs are also great locations for mid-size tribal tattoos the essentially climb up the limb. These usually consist of abstract geometric lines with a vertical emphasis. Another great place for these types of tattoos is along the spine. However, keep in mind that this location can be especially painful for tattooing. You can also get wrapping tattoos around your shoulder or stomach.

The largest tribal tattoos belong on the chest or back. These can cover nearly the entire area of skin in these locations. These are generally large, intertwined mats of geometric lines. Traditionally, these were the kinds of tattoos warriors in indigenous tribes would receive. Another choice for these large tracts of skin are tribal wings. Naturally, though, these look best on the back instead of the chest.

Ultimately, when choosing a place for tattoo you will want to decide what design you want, how large you would like it to be, and how visible it should be to others. You should also consult your tattoo artist about the level of pain you can expect based upon your tattoo’s placement. Finally, keep in mind how you will feel about your tattoo ten or twenty years in the future. Remember, body artwork of this nature is permanent and you want to be satisfied with your choice for a lifetime.